Q3 Accessories

Buying a new vehicle is only the first step. Ensuring that the car suits you perfectly is the next step. Whether it is for family use, for a sporty person, travel use, or simply modified protection, the Audi Q3 has just the accessories to further enhance the suitability of the car. The range of quality accessories available for customizing the car is vast, allowing you to modify the vehicle to your requirements.

Sports accessories:
So you want your new Audi Q3 to resemble a sports car straight off the race course? No problem, there are accessories for that. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a sports car are the wheels. Wheels emphasise style and power on the road, so having the right wheels are a good place to begin. There are four options of alloy wheels available for the vehicle. Additionally, there are two options of valve caps and one for wheel arch trims.

For campers and cross country travelers, there are a number of add on accessories to change the car into precisely what you need. There are roof bars available as well as other touring attachments. These roof bars come with a safety anti-theft locking mechanism.
There is an additional feature of roof bar storage for storage purposes.
Ski and snowboard holder are also available. These accessories hold up to six pairs of skis and four snowboards.

Entertainment accessories:
If your Audi Q3 is destined to be an entertainment center for music and movies while on the road, accessories are available to make it just the type of car. For music, there is an iPod adaptor cable which allows music connectivity to the Audi Music Interface from iPads, iPhones (to fourth generation). With an MMI cable, videos can be played in the vehicle.

Family accessories:
For those with little ones on board, some safety features are required. The Audi child seat is an accessory available for twelve month olds to four year olds. The seat has built in ISOFIX anchor points for easy installation and comfortable padded seat and belts. There is a rear seat storage bag attachable to either the front driver or the front passenger seats. The storage bag is designed to be adjustable and easily stored away when not in use. For children under one year old, there is the Audi baby seat with safety features. When searching for your next Audi be sure to check out Audi Belfast for a great selection of used vehicles


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