If you own an Audi A4 vehicle, you may want to explore your options as far as accessories are concerned. You can enjoy a number of these accessories depending on what your traveling needs are.

Ski and luggage box, lockable

The ski and luggage box, lockable is a box accessory that can carry either extra luggage or skis. This box can be attached onto the roof of your Audi A4, usually onto the roof bars. You can unlock the box from both sides and lock it for security reasons. You do not have to worry that your skis or extra luggage will fall off on the highway.

Ski and snowboard holder

The ski and snowboard holder is an accessory that can be used to carry several skis or snowboards on top of your Audi A4. The holder should be attached to a base carrier like the roof bar.

Unlike the luggage box, the holder is usually open. However, it has a locking mechanism that will be used to hold the skis and the snowboards securely even when the vehicle is moving at a fast speed. At your destination, you can just press the buttons, and the locking keys will open.

Pullout ski and snowboard holder

The pullout ski and snowboard holder is an accessory that can also be used to hold a number of skis or snowboards onto the roof of the car. It requires roof bars to act as base carriers.

The pullout holder has a pullout mechanism, which separates it from other types of holders. This mechanism will make it easy for you to load and unload your skis or snowboards from the car roof.

Kayak holder

The kayak holder for Audi A4 comes in very handy for kayaking lovers. The kayak holder helps to fasten one or more kayaks onto the roof of the car with the roof bars as the base carriers.

Bicycle holder

A bicycle holder for the Audi A4 is an accessory that is fastened to the base carrier onto the roof of the vehicle. It has locking mechanisms that help to secure bicycles onto the car roof in an upright position.

Bottom Line

The above listed accessories are not the only ones available for the Audi A4. However, they are some of the more popular ones available for Audi car owners who love to travel. You should consider purchasing those that meet your needs. If you are in the market for a new or used Audi cars ensure you check out the full range of accessories available to personalise your experience.

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